Exhibition application form

GAo ShAn is a contemporary jewelry and art gallery located in the Design District of Helsinki. The gallery is suitable for exhibitions in the fields of jewelry, textile and fashion design and contemporary art. Currently this is the only gallery in Helsinki with the main focus on Finnish jewelry culture, with the special focus area of promoting jewelry designers and artist’s work. We are now accepting applications for new exhibitions and projects in the premises of the gallery. The exhibition space of the gallery consists of 3,58 meters high space of 17m2 in size with a large window giving to Korkeavuorenkatu.

The essentials to be aware of when applying for and organising exhibitions and events in gallery Gao Shan are:

  • The length of exhibition periods is minimum of 4 weeks, including the hanging of the exhibition, the opening day and dismantling of the exhibition.

  • The rent of the gallery is 250 euros per week for personal exhibitions and 350 euros per week for group exhibitions for the use of the gallery space for exhibition activities.

  • Students in the field of Jewelry, textile art and fashion are entitled to a 10 % discount from the original exhibition rent. The gallery also provides exhibition curation guidelines for students.

  • The members of Korutaideyhdistys (Finnish Jewellery Art Association) are entitled to a 10 % discount from the original exhibition rent.

  • The gallery is charging 20 % on the value sales of art works during the exhibition. This amount does not including the VAT of the sales.

  • The exhibition fee includes marketing services of the gallery, for example publishing information about the artist, exhibited works, stories etc. on the gallery website and social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during the exhibition free of charge.

  • A press release about the exhibition is produced by the artist together with the gallery. Gao Shan gallery will send out the invitation and press release to its own contact lists.

  • The gallery is responsible for hanging and dismantling the exhibitions with the artist.

  • The gallery provides the artist with a limited number of tools and equipment for hanging and dismantling the exhibition.

  • The artist is responsible for the transportation of the exhibited artworks and insuring these artworks for the duration of their transportation to and from the gallery.

  • The gallery takes care of the cleaning and supervision of exhibition space during the exhibition.

  • A digital exhibition invitation is made in cooperation by the artist together with the gallery according to the gallery’s guidelines.

  • Exhibition banners for the window and inside wall of the gallery (one for each) are designed and produced in cooperation with the exhibiting artist together with the gallery, according to the gallery’s guidelines. The printing costs of the banners are payable by the exhibiting artist.

  • Exhibition material such as a list of the exhibited artworks and the CV of the artist should be provided by artist. The gallery will help to give the finishing touches for them.

  • The opening night of exhibitions is generally held on Thursday evening of the first week of the exhibition starting around 6pm in the evening. The time is negotiable, however.

  • The gallery and artist make the arrangements for the opening night of the exhibition in co-operation. Two bottles of sparkling drinks and some small snacks will be provided by gallery Gao Shan. The artist may provide catering to the guests of the opening night in the second floor of the gallery's premises.

Applications for organizing exhibitions at gallery Gao Shan are made by filling in the application form below. The applications must be accompanied by an exhibition plan, a CV of the artist(s) and possible other visual material. Applications for organizing an exhibition should be made at latest three months before the planned opening date of exhibitions. The applicants for exhibitions will be contacted in due course.


Please complete the exhibition application form below